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How do I roll funds from another IRA provider into a Carry IRA?

Rolling over funds from another IRA into a Carry IRA is considered a custodian to custodian transfer, and is a quick and straightforward process.

First, create a Carry account if you haven’t already.

Then, go through the process of opening the IRA of your choice: traditional or Roth or both. Opening an IRA on Carry takes under 10 minutes and can be done 100% online through your Carry account.

After you’ve opened a Carry IRA, contact us and let us know about the rollover you want to perform. We’ll need your account details of the IRA you want to move from in order to perform the rollover. For account details, you can simply provide your IRA statement. If you don’t have it on hand, start with your account number.

Decide how much you want to rollover from your existing IRA and we’ll provide you with documents to sign in order to authorize the transfer.